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SoNo International

About Us

SoNo International was founded in 2009 by senior transportation equipment leasing and finance executives.  Having spent over 15 years in the transportation sector and working closely with the major shipping lines, railroads, and financial institutions, SoNo International is has an extraordinary depth of knowledge in the intermodal business.  This includes, but not limited to: procurement, sourcing, marketing, sales, technical, finance, and business development.   SoNo’s leadership has held senior international management positions in several major leasing/finance institutions.

Originally, the SoNo plan was to offer professional brokerage and trading services to support both shipping lines and lenders in remarketing and managing their excess intermodal fleets.  While initially focusing on business and corporate development, we realized the global crisis had greater impact on the intermodal sector then originally believed.  As such, SoNo International expanded its model to provide customers a more value-added approach.  By accessing its years of experience and international network of agents, SoNo International has built itself into a formidable equipment services organization.

Our Advantage
At SoNo International, we value service, knowledge, and relationships that we have built over many years.  Our team is composed of highly skilled and commercially knowledgeable managers that are arguably considered by some, as pioneers in the intermodal industry.  Further, SoNo International relies on its network within the sector to validate its inventive approach.  Today, we’re building on the expertise we’ve gained over our unique history to deliver competitive products and superior services to our clients.

We never lose sight of one simple fact – it’s about our clients!  We’ve built our business around the clients’ requirements, not the products we offer.  We view every client relationship as a partnership dedicated to building value.  In fact, our clients are partners with the opportunity to share our expertise and employ our products and services.

Whether its designing and sourcing equipment or building new business initiatives, SoNo International accelerates at value creation for its clients.